Currency Exchange

Take advantage of offers usually only made to high volume customers?and make meaningful savings on currency exchanges.

We all need to change currency at some stage – whether it be for a beach holiday in Thailand or purchasing a new business overseas

Our service caters to all needs and situations, meaning no more paying unnecessary high margins at local banks.
Here’s a look at how Milestone can help you exchange currency with ease:

  • Simply open an online account to easily arrange an exchange online¬†here
  • Limit deals – enter an amount of currency you want converted at a certain rate, and this will be done automatically for you when the market reaches that rate
  • Forward deals – lock in the best currency rates now, for payments that have to be made in the future
  • Other exchange rates are available to you, that would usually only be accessible by customers trading on high volumes
  • Using Milestone’s currency exchange service allows you to keep more of your own money

Let us be your guide to smart currency exchange