Currency Exchange

Take advantage of offers usually only made to high volume customers and make meaningful savings on currency exchanges.

Sending money around the world can be expensive, time consuming, and complicated, especially if you’re relying on your bank.  Milestone Financial can introduce you to currency exchange specialists whose rates will save you significant foreign exchange costs compared to the high margins at local banks.

Milestone have partnered with XE, New Zealand’s largest specialist provider of foreign exchange.  XE Money Transfer lets you send, track, and manage international money transfers anytime and anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Once you have opened an account XE can help you with:

  • Live exchange rates - See fees and exchange rates in real-time using the currency converter tool
  • Rate alerts – this feature allows you to create an alert for the currency you want to trade. It will then be automatically monitored and when your currency pair reaches your desired rate you will be sent an email alert or to your phone (if you have downloaded the app)
  • Track your transactions – get email updates on the status of your order. Updates can even be sent to recipients. Tracking your transaction can also help lower the risk of fraud
  • Currency charts & historical currency rates – track currency trends or check rates for any past date

Get in touch with one of our advisers to introduce you to XE and set up a currency exchange account to meet your needs.

Let us be your guide to smart currency exchange.