Insurance isn't about picking the cheapest product and leaving it to rest for years - just like investing, an insurance plan should be centred around your current personal situation and your financial goals.

We are the insurance specialists staying on top of the moving beast that is insurance, to ensure the best outcomes for you financially

At Milestone, we're passionate about creating insurance solutions that work for you. We keep up to date with ever-changing insurance policies and not just an out of the box product that doesn't provide the necessary cover.
Insurance policies and premiums change like the wind, which is why partnering with Milestone's insurance advisors is essential.

  • Our insurance advisers have long-lasting partnerships in the insurance industry but aren't tied to any specific underwriters
  • You'll be kept up to date with changes on what's available to you
  • We'll make sure that regardless of your situation, you're matched with the best insurance policy for your needs
  • We won't let you wait for a crisis to happen to find out your cover isn't adequate
  • Should you need it, you'll have us to guide you through claim time

Let us be your guide to insurance