A specialist Global Equities Manager based in Sydney. Monik Kotecha their CIO shares his insight of the profound changes facing businesses globally...


"From around 2007 something shifted the speed and acceleration of change. We call it The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The impact it's creating now surpasses the ability of governments, communities and business to adapt and respond properly and fast enough. One outcome of this is the severe DISRUPTION upending companies from Pizzas to Power Stations.

Companies that were and perhaps still regarded as powerful and strong are now facing serious headwinds resulting in decline. What took decades to build to a dominating position takes just a few years to see their size and position decimated. One of thousands of examples is GE.

Whilst many believe this is mainly focused on technology companies only, it is not. Consider Dominos Pizza.

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This latest crisis has not caused the disruption; it has merely nudged it along further. The ballooning usage of buying goods online and with services such as Paypal, along with the lessening demand for workers to be sitting in an office 5 days a week are further Megatrends fuelling the rise and fall of various businesses.

Insync has developed a successful process over 10 years that seeks out the winning companies from around the globe amongst the disruption and avoids the losers. Understanding the big Megatrends producing the tailwinds for the best positioned companies works - even during recessions. An optional feature for investors is that they can protect their equity investment from the worst impacts of a crisis such as the one we are enduring today."