Why membership with Milestone JV makes sense


Keeping ownership of your business doesn?t mean you have to do everything on your own and outsource a few services.

Get more. Be part of more. We already experience the benefits to our lives, our bottom lines, and the quality of what we do for our clients by banding together as a collective.

It?s delivered us more than what we could achieve as small separate firms. We make more money for the same effort as before. Life is easier.

We encourage you to look more deeply at us if:

  • You want to grow?
  • You want a smooth succession
  • You want an easier way to operate

It is not for everyone. however, if lowest price and cutting corners without attention to quality is more your mindset, then we are probably not your thing.

  • Share the load with peers:
    • Research
    • Operations
    • Portfolio Construction
    • Compliance
    • IT
  • Collective approach balances our say with product providers
  • By Advisers for Advisers
  • No fuss compliance
  • Learn from one another
  • Remain in control
  • Retain your FAP
  • Camaraderie?
?We set this up as owners of our own shops because we know that coming together on certain things helps each of us and our clients.?

Pete Coltman, Auckland

??being on your own can be isolating. I like the fact we I can pick up the phone and discuss things with my peers inside the JV that I would hesitate speaking with colleagues outside?.

Dick Holden, Christchurch

?Sharing the load helps my time and my hip-pocket. I like that.?

Richard Maloy, Hawkes Bay

?It?s useful in how it helps your thinking and decision-making."

Ritchie Paynter, Canterbury

?It?s removed the uncertainty in exiting and handing over the reins."

Nigel Kerr, Timaru

Your choice: Joint Venture Membership offers 3 ways of participation:


Outsource from a better source.

For those only wanting ?outsourced services? of their choosing, paying a fixed dollar price, and with little other association. A select assortment of services across research, software, portfolio construction, compliance, marketing, and operations is available. Ideal for smaller FAPs and for advisers wanting more than they get today. Outsourced from a different source than the other providers; one that has tried, tested, and used themselves in the process of running a FAP and advising clients.


Better together

This gives you access to all the Connected services noted above and a lot more. For one set small percentage fee for all we do and provide. Again, you choose what you want to use. Allied is more not just in additional services and support, its participating and interacting with like-minded peers. It is a benefit that can be hard to measure nevertheless always felt and valued. A collegiate and supportive environment of like-minded FAP owners and advisers. Regular group catch-ups both professional and social. Availability to use the Milestone Brand, it?s your choice. Remain in control of your own business yet enjoy the collective efforts and size this membership brings.


Be more

Limited membership - only 4 positions remain.? For those that want to contribute into the JV and its offerings in time, effort, IP, and resources; and utilise the benefits as Allied members do. A lot is demanded from Core members. They also share many agreed frameworks in their operations (such as systems, brand and new client acquisition, and with succession). Additionally, Core members may benefit longer-term from value created within the JV but this is not assured.

All enquiries are in the strictest of confidence. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is available.

Contact Grant Pearson (General Manager) on 0273 831 216