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Life is a journey, get good advice


Richard first offered us financial advice back in 2003. My husband was a highly skilled professional who had spent many years in study, training and research here and overseas. When we spoke to Richard we were already heavily committed financially with the purchase of a business and house renovations to accommodate our growing young family. Richard prepared a financial plan for us and, as a priority, helped us to understand the importance of Life Assurance cover, Business Interruption insurance, Income Protection and Trauma cover should an unforeseen medical event arise. We accepted his advice and he helped us to put in place the appropriate policies to give us comprehensive cover and peace of mind.


In 2010 we received the devastating news that my husband had terminal cancer. Despite the uncertain future for our family we did not have the additional stress of financial insecurity. With a substantial payment on diagnosis we could clear our debt. Business Interruption payments took care of our business commitments including staff salaries. During the following years we were able to support our children through their college and university years, provide the extras for our ageing parents, travel extensively, complete some outstanding alterations to our home and have plenty of leisure time to just be and enjoy the company of friends and family. My husband’s stubborn determination meant that he could return to work for long periods of time, but the tumour was advancing and eventually it was untenable for him to continue in his chosen profession. At that time, we received a Total Permanent Disability payment and ongoing monthly Income Protection payments.


Fortunately, my husband was able to continue unpaid work, and tick off many personal goals, and this was possible because we had received very good advice from Richard all those years previously.


There is administration associated with insurance claims such as ours and Richard was extremely competent and efficient in liaising with the insurance company on our behalf and making the process run smoothly. When my husband passed away Richard took care of the Life Assurance claim promptly. I am very grateful for his support and compassion during a very difficult time in our lives. Richard’s company’s by-line is “Life is a journey, get good advice”. To this end I could not provide a better endorsement for Richard and his team for what they have done for me and my family

Client A

We found that our spirits lifted


We wanted to thank you for giving up your time last night for so long.  It was a long session and we really appreciated your patience and the time you gave us to go through everything.


This was a very important meeting for us, as you know.  We have been planning for so long towards our retirement and always hoped it would be next year, so we were quite nervous about our position following the Covid fallout.  We may have appeared to be subdued, but we were quite anxious and also it was quite tiring to try and understand it all.  However, as we drove home, we found that our spirits lifted as it sunk in that we can really retire next year and we actually ended up going out to dinner to celebrate.


So, thank you again for your patience and for giving us so much of your time.  I apologise to your family, but we really were grateful and it has helped us hugely to plan now for the future.  Hopefully next year, we won't be working and can come at a civilised hour to meet.


Kind regards

Client B


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